International Tea Day celebrated by tea lovers today; Know how the tea originated 

Chandigarh: Tea is an important part of our daily routine. There will be a lot of people around you whose day starts with a cup of tea. 
     Tea has become such an important part of people’s lives that if they do not get tea on time, they do not feel like doing any work. Whether it is summer or winter, tea lovers like to drink it in every season. 
     Looking at this craze of tea in India, many of us feel that the history of tea is associated with India itself. But the reality is the exact opposite. Let us tell you some interesting things related to the history of tea on the occasion of this International Tea Day. 
     According to media reports, the British from Britain had brought tea to India. Talking about the history of tea in India, the story of the introduction of tea in the country is quite interesting. 
     In 1834, when The Governor-General Lord Bentinck came to India, he saw some people in Assam boiling tea leaves and drinking it as medicine. After this Bentik informed the people of Assam about tea and thus the tea started in India.
     After this, tea gardens were set up in Assam in 1835 and then the Indian Tea Association was established in 1881. Due to this, the production of tea spread not only in India but also in the international market. This tea grown in India had become a good source of income for the British. 
Why International Tea Day is celebrated 
     According to media reports, the reason why the United Nations has celebrated May 21 as International Tea Day is because the tea production season in most tea-producing countries starts in May.