Kulhad pizza couple accuses Nihangs: says, demanded Rs 50, 000

Sahaj Arora accused the Nihangs following the disturbance outside Kulhad Pizza in Jalandhar a day ago. He posted a video on social media claiming that the Nihangs had previously demanded Rs 50,000. He mentioned that, for the time being, the issue would be settled.
      On Thursday, Nihang Ramandeep Singh Mangu from Ludhiana arrived outside the restaurant with his aides. Mangu Math strongly criticized the Kulhad Pizza couple. Sahaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur were not present during the disturbance.
       Sahaj also released CCTV footage where he mentioned companies contacting him to create videos. They specify the time required for making a reel, which he then produces. Additionally, Sahaj shared CCTV footage showing his conversation with the aides of the Nihang involved in the disturbance.
During this, Nihang Mangu Math stated that the Kulhad pizza couple does not belong to the Sikh community. Sahaj and his wife, Gurpreet Kaur, have faced criticism for their actions based on a song, which they’ve used to insult others worldwide. Allegedly, the couple is engaging in such acts in hopes of participating in Bigg Boss, he said.