Local body minister Balkar Singh’s convoy attacked by miscreants in Jalandhar 

Jalandhar News: Local Bodies Minister Balkar Singh’s convoy was attacked by miscreants when he along with his wife was leaving near Ravidas Chowk and going to his residence Man Nagar in Jalandhar on Sunday night. 
   The miscreants, who were riding a luxury black car without a number, not only threw bricks at Balkar Singh’s convoy but also beat up the staff of his pilot.
    When the police personnel standing on the spot tried to stop the miscreants, the group of miscreants also beat the employee. As soon as the information was received, Commissioner Kuldeep Chahal immediately sent IPS officer Aditya to the spot. The morale of the miscreants was so high that they reached the residence of Municipal Minister Balkar Singh, located 500 meters away from the spot and resorted to fierce hooliganism.  Finally, IPS officer Aditya came to the spot and took the miscreants into custody. They all were inebriated condition. 
    The incident took place around 1 am. When Balkar Singh was going towards his house with his wife. Minister Balkar Singh said that he was going near Ravidas Chowk when the pilot’s personnel trying to cross a black color unnumbered vehicle, but the car riders put their car in the middle and stopped the minister’s pilot and started beating the employees.