Punjab State Traders Commission Encourages Traders to Utilize One-Time Settlement Scheme

Patiala: Anil Thakur, Chairman of the Punjab State Traders Commission, convened a crucial meeting today at the Committee Hall of the District Administrative Complex to discuss the implementation of the One-Time Settlement Scheme. Joined by DCST Patiala Ramanpreet Kaur and various representatives from trade bodies including the Electronic Association, Patiala Industries Association, Shellers, Electric, Samana Chambers of Industries, Readymade Garments, Sher-e-Punjab cloth merchants, Hotel Associations, Bhatha Associations, and Focal Point Association, the meeting aimed to address pertinent issues related to outstanding dues and GST practices.

The One-Time Settlement Scheme, initiated by Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann and effective from November 15, 2023, until March 15, 2024, was a focal point of discussion. Anil Thakur emphasized the importance for traders to take advantage of this scheme to settle outstanding dues, particularly for cases with total demands up to 1 crore.

During the meeting, participants engaged in constructive dialogue surrounding the challenges of GST compliance and explored strategies to combat evasion while fostering a more dealer-friendly environment. Anil Thakur also asked the traders about the Mera bill app as a tool to facilitate the settlement process and addressed concerns related to various wings such as the Excise, Mobile, and GST wings.

The collaborative effort between traders and the department was highlighted as crucial in combating tax evasion, enhancing revenue collection, and expediting the resolution of cases. Traders and Department reaffirmed their commitment to working hand-in-hand to achieve these objectives.